Words With Friends (Facebook Messenger Instant Games)

"Working on this product was both exciting and intimidating but boy it was rewarding and definitely worth my while."


Helped launch Words With Friends on the Facebook Messenger platform. This game is the first-ever turn-based game on Messenger. Players can now have fun right where they are already connecting with friends from around the world.

Now players can make moves directly on Messenger and Facebook, invite connections from their friends list, and play faster than before with a compact game board and fewer tiles. Exclusive to Words With Friends for Instant Games on Messenger, we built a custom convenient Games List that allows players to track all of their games in one place, a first for any Words With Friends experience on a messaging platform.

With every turn of Words With Friends, players receive real-time updates with words played and points scored. Leveraging game bots on Messenger, Words With Friends features notifications that seamlessly remind players when to make their next move. And, for the first time ever in Words With Friends, all connections within a Messenger group can watch the gameplay unfold while simultaneously chatting.

Client: Zynga