Staring at $79,000
1 bedroom/1 bathroom | 435 sq.ft.

Efficient urban living in a small package. A very narrow urban lot is the ideal place to set the studio module.

Staring at $185,000
3 bedroom/2 bathroom | 1450 sq.ft.

Great for urban infill, the Pair is double our Studio units. It's narrow in design, the Pair fits on most 25' wide lots.

Staring at $175,000
2 bedroom/1 bathroom | 1335 sq.ft.

Put this home anywhere. Tall's efficient floorplan packs a lot of home into 320 square feet.

Staring at $270,000
4 bedroom/2 bathroom | 2350 sq.ft.

There is flexibility in the floor plan which can be adjusted to have 2 to 4 bedrooms and media and family rooms.

Studio Pair Tall Four Square