Gifs Against Friends

"It’s a different kind of game, and it was inspired by all of the ways that people are using GIFs to express themselves."


This game is part of a collection of 12 iMessage app games that I helped launch, including Words With Friends.

Social networking is a competition of sorts with your friends. In recognition of that, Zynga is launching a new mobile party game called GIFs Against Friends for you to play with your friends via iMessages.

In GIFs Against Friends, players kick off the GIF gameplay by sending a pre-selected or custom prompt to friends directly in Messages. Once they’ve received the prompt, up to 32 players can anonymously submit their choice for the most fitting GIF to the entire group. The group chat judge then selects the funniest, most relevant or undeniably accurate GIF and crowns the ultimate GIF champion. At the end of each round, the winning GIF is shared within the iMessage conversation for the whole group to see.

This was such a unique game concept that it was not only fun to play, it was also a blast to design. The brand goals was to be BOLD and DIFFERENT from the rest of our game portfolio. Our target audience is fresh, hip, and innovative. Since we were planning to launch on not one, but TWO social platforms - we had to roll up our sleeves and dig in to solve difficult design problems for both platforms.

Delivered basic core loop UX flow for game in collaboration with our Product and Design team. Designed rough wires, paper to clickable prototypes, to fully-fleshed high fidelity product.

My main responsibilities included creative concept art/ux direction for the project as well as driving the progress of a small 3 person in-house art/design team as well as an offsite art outsource agency to maintain art pipeline and cadence.

Client: Zynga