Azari Vineyards


Azari Vineyards came to me for a rebrand of their brand. They wanted premium brand with an artistic touch and to position themselves as a high-end wine brand that would stand out in a crowded market, so distinctive flavors and unique design were paramount.

The Journey

I designed a custom logo mark with hand-drawn illustration inspired by the Azari family crest. I used rich textures and gold foiling for an elegant, premium feel. Designed and created several print collateral business cards, menus, leave behinds, and order sheets.

Above: Initial sketches for Azari Vineyards logo mark

The Outcome

Azari Wines are selling in high-end locations and restaurants in the United States.

Above: Final logo mark and business cards

Website Link: http://www.azarivineyards.com
Client: Azari Vineyards